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DataCom’s primary mission is to provide hosting services using our own fiber network. The network components are primarily from HP and Transmode.
Our customers have direct access to our own data centers through a number of POPs (point of presence).
Geographically our focus is concentrated to the Metropolitan Stockholm area, but we also provide communication solutions all over Sweden and Scandinavia.
DataCom is an ISP, registered with RIPE with our own networks.


Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Private Clouds (vServer) – DataCom’s virtual environment is powered by VMware who is the market leader in virtualization technology. DataCom’s data center is designed with a high degree of perimeter security focusing on various common threats to IT environments.

Co-Location (vColo) – This is our managed service for customers wanting to host their own hardware in our data center. The service provides a high degree of perimeter security with redundant power and advanced fire suppressant systems. We also offer high speed connectivity through our own fiber network. The data center maintains a constant and regulated temperature and delivers filtered power through UPS:es backed up by a diesel generator with its own substation and is monitored 24/7/365.

Backup (vBackup) – This is our managed service for automated off-site backups. The data is compressed and encrypted before being transferred via the Internet or direct access network to our data center according to a predetermined schedule. All data is stored encrypted, ensuring data integrity.

Hosted Exchange (vMail) – This is our managed service for hosted Exchange. The service builds upon Microsoft Exchange Server. It is designed as a load balanced cluster providing a high level of reliability and functionality.

Communication Services (vNet) – This is our managed service providing either a physical (L2 or L3) or virtual network path from your offices to our data center. The service can include a managed firewall and Internet access. We currently deliver from 100Mb/s up to 10Gb/s either as shared or dedicated capacity. We deliver these services through our own managed redundant fiber network (physically separated from Internet traffic).
Internet access is provided with BGP routing via redundant routers towards two different Internet providers. We are a Local Internet Registry (LIR) under RIPE which means we can provide reliable and stable Internet access to all of our customers.
Peering – AS 60662. Exchange points: SOLIX, STHIX. More info at Peering DB.

Our Data Centers
Physical Security – Our Data Centers are protected by perimeter security and are assigned “Protection Class 3” (Skyddsklass 3) as defined by Swedish Insurance Companies standard.

Climate Control – Our Data Centers are protected by redundant managed cooling plants.

Flexible and vendor independent infrastructure – Our infrastructure is designed and built upon components from leading vendors such as HP, VMware, KEMP, Microsoft, Citrix and others.

Fire detection and prevention – An advanced fire detection and prevention system is of course a necessity in a Data Center. If disaster strikes, fires are instantly extinguished before they can cause any damage to the equipment.

Power – We have several levels of protection to be able to ensure continuous electrical power to our Data Center, including redundant UPS:es and a diesel generator with its own substation.

Location – All of our Data Centers are located in Sweden – We are part of the “Based in Sweden”-initiative.( )

We are continuously upgrading and enhancing our value proposition and we are open to suggestions and input from our customers to be able to offer custom made solutions in case our standard offers don’t cover all your requirements.


About DataCom AB

About DataCom
DataCom AB has, since being established in 1989, provided secure and reliable IT solutions to the SMB market. Our focus today is to provide flexible, reliable and cost efficient hosting solutions from our own Data Centers via our own managed fiber network.